Baptist Voice November 2018

Posted by Ralph Birtwistleon October 31, 2018

This is the November edition of Baptist Voice the talking newspaper for UK Baptists with sight loss.
In this edition Baptist Leaders call for the Government’s Universal Credit system to be put on hold until all the problems have been ironed out.
We hear about a scheme to teach the gospel by playing football and how one church’s football ended up on a German Island in the North Sea.
Brave mission workers from BMS World Mission experience (of all things) floods and torrential rain whilst crossing the Sahara Desert and another missioner has made the red light district of Bankok her mission field.

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Baptist Voice May 2017

Posted by Ralph Birtwistleon May 3, 2017

Baptist Voice for May includes a preview of the Annual Assembly; advice on where to get General Election analysis; and the source for a chili and chocolate cake.
PLUS all the usual features news from Baptists together; BMS World Mission; The Baptist Regions and The Colleges.
Anyone with a visual handicap can receive a copy on disc, on tape or on a memory stick. Email Baptistvoice13@gmail.com.

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Baptist Voice December 2016

Posted by Ralph Birtwistleon December 5, 2016
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Baptist Voice August 2016

Posted by Ralph Birtwistleon August 8, 2016

Baptist voice this month suggests, in the light of events in France, a calm and vigilant approach to church security and the BU steering group calls for all our churches to become Beacons of Hope. Our young people’s correspondent is looking into opportunites for volunteering overseas.

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